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Sep 1, 2019 4:16 PM
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Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exciting sport that combines the best aspects of many other sports. Some highlights of what you need to know are featured on this page, and our youth guidebooks linked below feature a comprehensive look at the sport to get you up to speed.  Read the full article from USA Lacrosse here.

Common Terms

Body Check
Contact with an opponent from the front or side (but not a blind side check) — between the shoulders and waist — when the opponent has the ball or is within 5 yards (high school) or 3 yards (youth) of a loose ball. Not permitted at U9 and U11 levels.
An area drawn in both ends of the field surrounding the crease area. Also called the goal area or defensive area.
Transitioning the ball from the defensive half to the offensive half.
A circle around the goal with a radius of 9 feet into which only defensive players may enter.
A man advantage resulting from an opponent's time-serving penalty. Also known as "man-up."
This technique is used to put the ball in play at the start of the game, each quarter, half, or after a goal is scored.
Goal line extended
Another name for the area outside/in front of the crease area, the imaginary box, 10 yards by 10 yards in front of the goal
The defending team will try to prevent their opponent from advancing the ball, thereby creating a turnover.
A poke into the ribs, chest, neck or back. A vicious uncontrolled swinging of the stick whether contact is made or not. The gloved hand on the stick may be legally checked.

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